Meira Zucker

Attorney Meira Zucker concentrates her legal practice on only two areas: Criminal Defense and Family Law. By focusing, she is able to provide the kind of dedicated and determined representation that her clients deserve.

An experienced attorney, Meira Zucker’s goal is provide the kind of legal representation she would want when facing a difficult situation:

  • An intense commitment to fight for the best result
  • Respect for the individual needs of every client.

Meira Zucker treats every client with respect and attention, whether they are facing a murder charge or a traffic ticket. She combines a thorough knowledge of the law and the ins-and-outs of the legal system with a dedication to ensuring that her clients understand what they are going through every step of the way.

Meira Zucker looks at every case from a fresh perspective, reviewing the law and the facts of each situation, in order to find the best options for every case. Her persistence pays off for her clients. To Meira Zucker, you are not just "another DUI" but a person who deserves the fierce legal representation of a lawyer committed to you.

Meira Zucker
Attorney and Counselor at Law
413 N. Michigan Street
Toledo, OH 43604
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